stars-5-0._V46895037_ Wonderfully drawn character portrayals

This is the best I have seen since the music cartoons by Gerald Hoffnung. Very funny and the humour of the situation is right on the mark!

- Christian Fitzner "Musikus", Wernigerode ( 5. Dezember, 2007

The Canadian violinist Robin Chadwick has been a member of the orchestra of the town of Remscheid since 1984. When it was amalgamated with the orchestra of the town of Solingen to form the Bergische Symphoniker in 1995 he was there and in his violin case with him a sketch book and a sharpened pencil. Over the years this musician, who has also made a name for himself as an emcee, has observed life in an orchestra, paying special attention to his colleagues and their idiosyncrasies with affectionate irony.

He has now produced a book containing a selection of 75 cartoons and caricatures about orchestral musicians at work, thus following in the footsteps of Gerard Hoffnung without copying this genius' style. Here one can see the not-so-sensitive stand partner and "Tuttischweine", experience special pizzicato techniques and the unbelievable ease of playing a sonata as well as the basic problems with col legno. One can understand why conductors are at times so frustrated, find out the best way to produce a good vibrato, and have a chuckle about school concerts.

This amusing book goes well hand in hand with concert guides, also in serious music libraries, and is a lovely gift for every kind of musician.

- Frank Becker (Online Music Magazine) October 2004

The essence of Robin Chadwick's cartoons about orchestral musicians can be summed up in one word: hilarious!

Whether it is typical musicians' problems, for example with one's stand partner, with tails, in cold churches or with garlic before a concert, or whether it is merry musical (Carmina Burana, Swine Lake) or culinary (Cellicatessen, marinated Obogines) puns - the Author shows an unerring sense for the humour in everyday musical life, or simply draws what no one else dares to say.

These drawings are especially funny for those who have a certain degree of insider knowledge and who are familiar with the typical clichés.

Hornflakes, as the publisher predicts, really does become a classic has yet to be seen; it would certainly be desirable. One thing is for sure: there is something here for every practice room!

- Alban Peters (Tibia - Magazine für Holzbläser) 4 / 2004

He mercilessly pokes fun at the inner life of an orchestra, with the perfidies that players of every instrumental group have to master or cause themselves. Whether it is the violists, always good for a joke, or their string colleagues - dashed are the dreams of a solo career, result: "Tuttischweine."

Chadwick's cartoons, which expose the hardships, technical difficulties and other instrumentalists' problems, will surely not only quickly make their way through German orchestras, but also amuse and enthuse all those that have anything to do with music. "Hornflakes" will hopefully be followed by other Chadwicks; the author says: "I love expressing double entendre and working with a play on words." He has proved his inimitable ability with the success of his debut "Hornflakes." His humour is infectious, without adverse reaction, and makes a cracker of a gift.

- Conti Eckert (Wetterauer Zeitung) 16th October 2004

Gnadenlos wird von ihm das Innenleben des Orchesters, mit den Tücken, die Spieler aller Intrumentengruppen zu bestehen haben oder in skurrilen Situationen selbst verursachen, aufs Korn genommen. Ob es die Bratscher sind, die immer für einen Witz gut sind, oder die Streicherkollegen - ausgeträumt sind die Träume von der Solistenkarriere, Resultat: Tuttischweine.

Chadwicks Cartoons, die die Arbeit und die Nöte, Spieltücken und andere Musikantenprobleme belichten, werden mit Sicherheit rasch die Reise nicht nur zu den deutschen Orchestern antreten, sondern auch viele Musikkonsumenten erreichen, erheitern und begeistern. "Hornflakes" sollten weitere Chadwicks folgen, denn der Autor meint: "Mich reizt es, Zweideutigkeiten auszudrücken und mit Wortspielen zu arbeiten". Dass ihm das mit seinem Erstling "Hornflakes" unnachahmlich gut gelang, hat er bravourös bewiesen. Sein Humor ist ansteckend, bleibt ohne schädliche Nebenwirkungen und lässt sich als geballte Ladung gut verschenken.

- Conti Eckert (Wetterauer Zeitung) 16. Oktober 2004