I was born in 1959 in Toronto, Ontario.

I spent most of my childhood in the Canadian midwest, in Regina, Saskatchewan. Flat as a pancake, there's not much more out there other than wheat fields and sky. I went to Davin Elementary School, played a lot of hockey in the winter on the school's rink, and had my first scratches on the violin.


My father was a university professor and because of his job we moved to and fro; after living in Toronto and Regina we moved to London, England, then back to Regina, then London, then Regina again, before landing in Waterloo, Ontario. The City of Waterloo has grown together with the City of Kitchener, the North American capital of Oktoberfest (whoop-dee-doo). And there I went to the Kitchener Collegiate Institute (KCI).

During my high school days at KCI I got my first whiff of life in a professional orchestra: I was asked to sub in the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra. My teacher at the time, Irving Ilmer, was the orchestra's concertmaster and was as on the faculty at Wilfird Laurier Unversity (the smaller of the two universities in Waterloo), so it stood to reason that after high school I enrole there to continue my violin studies. Four years later I was a Bachelor of Music. I spent the following two years in the USA at Florida State University where I became a Master of Music. Having mastering music is perhaps rather exaggerated, I still have to practice too much...

Contacts made during a student exchange while I was still at KCI eventually led to my emigrating to Germany, where, after a few miserable attempts, I managed to win an audition for a job with the Remscheider Symphoniker. And I'm still here, although the orchestra is now called the Bergische Symphoniker. I am married, have two children and live in sunny Lennep.

I've always liked to draw, especially in school when the going got tedious. I really admire the political cartoonists in the dailies and I thought, I can do that too. It is very satisfying regarding the world from its absurd or ridiculous side and revealing it for what it is in a cartoon... I draw for the local press (Remscheider-General Anzeiger) and run an art club at the Leibniz High School in Lüttringhausen.


My favourite cartoonists: Giles, W. Heath Robinson, Horst Haitzinger, Gary Larson

My favourite music: (classical) Prokofieff, Vaughan Williams, Haydn,...
(actually practically everything except Hindemith)
(popular) Dixie Chicks, Supertramp, Phil Collins, Norah Jones

My favourite authors: Louis de Bernières, Ian McEwan, Reginald Hill

My favourite teams: Manchester United, Toronto Maple Leafs, Florida State Seminoles

My favourite food: lemon chicken with pesto, steak with garlic butter

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